What’s The Difference Between A Coach And A Mentor?

The difference between mentoring and coaching is that a coach may have a qualification in coaching, but may not have experienced the results you want.

A mentor has been on the journey you want to undertake. Mentors speak from their own experience and give you the benefit of their mistakes and successes.

A mentor will focus on your growth as an entrepreneur rather than on performance (as with a coach).

The mentor’s role is to facilitate without having a prescribed agenda (tailor-made to suit the individual business owner) whereas coaching follows a predetermined agenda with less flexibility.

The ultimate goal of mentoring is personal learning that can be put into action whereas coaching is more focused on performance and teamwork; it’s task related.

To put it another way, mentoring supports individual growth and maturity…opening the door to success…whereas coaching is more job-focused and performance oriented.

A mentor is your guide to help you avoid mistakes and use mistakes constructively. Whereas coaching is focused on improvement in behaviour, the mentor is your sounding board – a person with a deep interest, personally involved, in your long-term development rather than in merely helping you develop a particular skill for a particular task.

Real-life success, and business success, comes from struggle, effort, feedback, modification and re-application. It involves pushing through your comfort zone upper limits and staying there – creating ever higher upper limits. This is what mentoring offers.